Friday, December 16, 2011


Salam 20Muharram..:-)

Friends respect their friends, because we don't have to say yes when to say no ...
True friends accept the ideas and concepts from their friends,
everyone are different, so we have different thoughts, almost always.
Friends are concerned with the welfare of his friends, in sickness and in health.
Friends tolerate your friends even when they are in a bad mood, then all is well ..
Friends, even virtual, can love each other truly and unconditionally.

Friends are for these things and for all life.
I'm your friend and love you sincerely.
That's what friends are for..
Together we've been through everything,
Some good times and some bad.
Some things have made us happy,
Others made us sad.

But no matter what has happened,
Through our tears and our mistakes,
You've always been here for me
To fix my heart before it breaks.


p/s::kawan di mana-mana saje kita ley cari..tapi "Sahabat" susah++senang..sangat hargaila sahabat kita..jangan menyesal if kita hilang mereka suatu hari nanti.."Sahabat sejati..yang mahu mengerti"

teet::tetiba ujan pulak malam semalam..after 2 days panas terik..cejuk cejuk...huuuuuuuu


  1. sahabat dlm ertikata yg dpt me jiwai apa yg kita rasakan walaupun tidak diberitahu apa yg kita rasakan....

  2. Damha..betul 2...:-)

    Cik kasut..boleh syg..muahhhhhh!!


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